How to choose the best drain field additives

Life is full of choices and part of the choices that you have to make is to choose the best drain field additives for your septic system. Treat it as a form of investment so you have to know what drain field additives are the best. Making sure that your septic system functions well should be your main consideration when it comes to deciding the right field additive from the vast array of products that are out in the market.

It can be a really taxing chore to go to the nearest plumbing supply store and wander through the aisles searching for the best drain field maintenance product. Read the following guidelines on how to choose the best drain field additives:

1. Seek professional guidance
It may sound a little awkward for you but this could really help you in getting your hands on that drain field additive that you need. Acquiring professional advice on the right kind of additive could very well shed the light on the matter.

2. Know the products
It may take a bit of your time but spending the necessary time to get to know your drain field additives will do you and your septic system good. Perform a little research before you start your car and roll off to the plumbing supply center in your area. You will be surprised at the latest trends and research breakthroughs about the latest drain field additives that you may be interested in.

3. Be mindful of the contents
When you finally face the shelf of drain field additives in the plumbing supply store, there is only one thing you have to do next—read the labels. Read the products that stand out and carefully read the indicated contents. Apparently, bacteria is very important to your septic system because they are the digesters that feed on and breakdown the solid wastes produced by your household. Being living organisms, bacteria have waste products as well in the form of effluent containing carbon dioxide and water. It would really help your system become more efficient if you purchase a drain field additive that is bacteria rich with all the necessary bacterial additives required for the proper digestion of solid in your drain field. If you buy an additive that is composed of only enzymes, then you stick to a product that will take effect only at that one time. Enzymes will definitely breakdown the grease and solidified waste products but that will only last for certain short duration. The enzyme products liquefied solid wastes only for a short time and will re-clog in your drain field after a while. Keep to a bacterial base product. Bacterial product with digest solids

4. CFU or Bacterial count
Keep an eye out for the bacterial count or the CFU. Make sure that you choose the one with the higher bacterial count because the higher it is, the better its performance.

5. Guarantee
Of course, it is a must for you to look for the guarantee of the product that you choose. Make sure they have a 100% money back guarantee. Take a look at the manufacturer or the company and see if it is already established. If the product label says that it gives you a hundred percent guarantee or your money back, research on the credibility of the company and see if there is enough reason to back up that statement.

In choosing the best drain field additive, be sure to do your homework. Make sure the company has a good reputation with a proven track record. The cheapest is not always the best when choosing a good drain field additive.

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