How calcium can cause clogging in an aerobic system

This article will cover how calcium can cause clogging in an aerobic system  Any homemaker would love to have a septic system that is aerobic. An aerobic septic system would make a huge difference in making sure that the organic wastes are decomposed more efficiently. Additional oxygen always makes the wastewater treatment easier and faster. More aerobic bacteria are encouraged to grow and perform, allowing the purification of the wastewater to push through flawlessly. It even helps prolong the life of the septic system. A septic system on its own has anaerobic and aerobic bacteria. The anaerobic bacteria stay in the septic tank and break down the solid organic waste products before the effluent is released into the drain field. The drain field has the aerobic bacteria that also break down the minute particles of organic water and regulate the biomat population. The biomat purify the effluent before it is released into the surrounding environment. An aerobic system would certainly improve the condition of the entire septic system. It actually prevents clogging, which is one of the most common causes of septic failure.

Clogging can happen because of several factors:

  • Soil compaction. This happens when the septic area is turned into a driveway, parking lot, or storage facility. The heavy weight of the vehicles and structures crush the septic system components. The resulting damage brings about leaks. The cracks also allow debris and excess water into the septic system.
  • Excess water load. Excess water load is caused by heavy rain and using too much water at home. Using your washing machine and dishwasher at the same time causes the greywater to rush into the septic tank. It stirs up the solid waste materials, delaying their break down. Rainwater does the same thing. It would be better to redirect the gutter to drain away from the septic system.  Your household could help by not using the dishwasher and washing machine at the same time.
  • Improper waste disposal. Sadly, non-biodegradable materials are dumped into the toilet and drains. These substances cannot be broken down by anaerobic bacteria anymore. They just stay in the tank and clog everything.
  • Accumulation of calcium sulfoaluminate or ettringite. Ettringite starts because of the hydrogen sulfide that is produced from the anaerobic digestion performed by the thiocillus bacteria. the hydrogen sulfide gas fills up the headspace above the water line and combines with oxygen. Sulfuric acid is then formed. Sulfuric acid forms ettringite that corrodes the concrete reinforcement of the septic system. When the concrete layer is deteriorated, the metal components become corroded. This allows the debris and excess water into the septic system.

An effective way to control ettringite formation is turning your septic system into an aerobic system. More oxygen is produced. So, instead of hydrogen sulfide gas filling up the water space above the water line, oxygen does. This minimizes the production of sulfuric acid in the septic system. As a result, calcium sulfoaluminate is not formed that much. The concrete reinforcement is not destroyed, making the septic system last longer.

An aerobic system can still be affected by ettringite formation if you do not have the aerobic system inspected on a regular basis. The aerobic system should always be functional so that hydrogen sulfide will not have the opportunity to bind with oxygen. Just like any other responsible homeowner, you should know how calcium can cause clogging in an aerobic system. Since the aerobic system is part of the septic system, it should be maintained well, t0o.

Remember that calcium sulfoalminate is the worst sign of septic deterioration. If it also gets to your aerobic system, you can expect to spend a lot of money because of your septic system replacement. Talk to your septic expert so that your aeration system could function properly. Just in case any minor repairs and replacements are needed, they would be done immediately. With a functional septic aerobic system, you won’t have to worry about ettringite or any type of clogging anymore.