This article will cover school grease trap odors.

This article will cover school grease trap odors. The sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses that any living organism has. Dogs develop their sense of smell first in their mother’s womb. This is the reason why their nose is the biggest radar they have. A human has a weak sense of smell. Even so, it is still very important in associating and in completing experiences. One cannot eat well without the sense of smell. The person would not be able to fully taste the dish in his or her mouth.

When an individual spends most of his time in one area, the smell of that place would held his decision on whether he or she should stay or go. A clean smell would allow the individual to enjoy whatever activities he or she would engage in. Having meals would even be considered. But if the area is stinky, would it be an inviting place for anyone to do anything?

A school has to maintain pleasant odors at all times. This is why the school janitors and maintenance crew are vital. There will always be something to repair or correct in schools especially with all those students, teachers, staff, and guests coming and going everyday. One department that’s always on its feet is the cafeteria. This is where most of the FOG  (fats, oils, grease) comes from because of all the food that’s being made everyday. The amount of FOG is already becoming a problem. This is why the United States government has already thought of requiring schools to follow the grease ordinance. The ordinance tells the school owners to have grease traps professionally installed within their premises. The traps should be issued with legal permits, should be regularly inspected, and diligently maintained.

When the grease traps are not well-cared for, school grease trap odors spread throughout the campus. This is not a very pleasant and inviting thing for a school, considering that there are so many people who are constantly visiting these facilities. School grease trap odors come from the grease trap itself or from the wastewater that backs up into the facilities. When there is FOG overflow, the FOG mixes with the untreated wastewater and takes advantage of the opportunity to stick to the inner walls like cement0like adhesive. The FOG heavily accumulates and eventually, the normal flow of the effluent gets blocked. It doesn’t get treated anymore. Instead, it backs up into the school and surrounding environment. The school grease trap odors have dangerous fumes that could trigger allergies. The smells could also signal that the grease trap is already overflowing and that it needs to be pumped out.

School grease trap odors are more obvious when the grease trap is situated inside the cafeteria, especially when the school is not that big. Small indoor grease traps like this tend to get full immediately and most of the time, maintenance do not notice it until it’s too late. With this, a vigilant inspection should always be performed so that the grease experts could be called immediately when the grease trap needs to be pumped out.

A very effective way of treating and preventing school grease trap odors is the use of bacteria. With these ancient microorganisms, every trace of FOG and solid wastes are eliminated. Bacteria are voracious eaters, determined to consume everything to sustain their survival. Bacteria are the safest additives that schools can use on their grease traps. They can be used without ever worrying about it polluting the water systems. Bacteria are organic and natural organisms that contain no trace of chemical contaminants.

There are some schools that use chemicals and enzymes in eliminating the FOG and solid wastes but they only proved the process aggravating because these compounds only made it worse. The school maintenance crews thought they were eradicating the FOG but they actually added more into the untreated effluent through emulsification. Through bacteria, the grease trap is completely rid of the FOG, solid wastes, and even the school grease trap odors. If bacteria are used on a regular basis, there will be no problems to deal with anymore.