What role a septic tank baffle plays in cesspits with primary tanks.

In this article we will discuss. What role a septic tank baffle plays in cesspits with primary tanks. The definition of a good home is that it is able to serve as a clean and orderly living space that helps improve the residents’ well-being. Every homeowner aims to make sure that the entire property is sanitary and environment friendly, especially now that being Green is given more emphasis. Homeowners prefer having a properly functioning home that doesn’t contribute to any form of pollution at all. This involves using environment friendly products in cleaning and making sure that the cesspit is always optimal. As you know, the cesspit system is an old wastewater treatment system. It is composed of a tank with perforations around it. The perforations make it possible for the pre-treated effluent to flow into the surrounding soil absorption system. Unlike the modern septic system, it doesn’t have an outflow pipe. Cesspits are usually found in areas where old properties stand. The families that maintain these properties try their best to maintain their cesspits because they know that as long as they care for these wastewater treatment systems, they will be able to keep their wastewater treated and their living spaces sanitary. Other homeowners “grandfather” their cesspits. They allow their inherited cesspits to break down and stop working so that they could resort to having a more modern septic system.

Rural areas that have no access to sewer systems should have cesspits or similar wastewater treatment systems. Cesspits are simple systems. Basically, the raw wastewater enters the cesspit’s primary tank and stays there to be pre-treated by the anaerobic bacteria. These bacteria stay at the bottom of the tank to breakdown the solid waste materials. The heavy sludge stay at the bottom and the clear effluent flows into the absorption field to be further treated by the aerobic bacteria and purified by the bio-mat. Aerobic bacteria are found along the surface of the soil absorption area. They regulate the biomat by consuming it as food. Keeping the bio-mat regulated prevents the bio-mat from clogging the system. Once the effluent is fully treated and made safe, it is returned to the surrounding environment.

The Baffles

Some cesspits these days are built with primary tanks are equipped with septic baffles. The tank itself has an inlet pipe and an outlet pipe. The baffles are situated inside the tank itself, in front of these pipes. The purpose of baffles is to help the waste materials stay in the tank as the wastewater flows into the outlet pipe. The cesspit baffles are responsible for dispensing the wastewater towards the tank’s bottom. They prevent the wastewater from moving to the outlet at a very fast rate. Usually, cesspit baffles are made of metal. The baffles are bolted or firmly attached to the sides of the cesspit. Every time the cesspit is pumped out and emptied, the septic experts should inspect the baffles for any signs of deterioration or rust.

Advantages of Baffles

If you install baffles in your cesspit that has primary tanks, repairs are easier. When the baffles are damaged or severely rusted, you could just repair the baffles by installing the pipe tees in the inlet port and the outlet ports. These tees will also diver the wastewater the same way the baffles do. You won’t have to worry about replacing the entire cesspit at all. This will help you save a lot of money in maintaining your cesspit. You just have to cooperate with your septic expert when it comes to making sure that the cesspit remains in good condition.

With the help of baffles, you can prolong the life of your existing cesspit. The baffles help decrease the amount of wastewater that enters the cesspit tank. Most of the water comes from your bathroom. Next would be the wastewater from your toilet and from your shower drain. It would help you maintain your cesspit better if you become more mindful of the way you consume water.

Cesspit baffles make wastewater treatment more efficient and your living space more sanitary. Consult your septic expert for the proper installation and maintenance of these accessories so that you could save money on huge repairs and replacements.