Retirement home grease reduction

This article will touch base on retirement home grease reduction. Almost everyone expects a lot upon reaching the retirement age. It’s that one thing being prepared for aside from special holidays and occasions. The thought of retiring bring so many possibilities to the retirees. They often daydream about vacationing in tropical islands, getting a hammock, buying a sports car, going to Europe, seeing the wonders of the world, and studying culinary arts among other things. It’s a mission for them to kick off their shoes and put them up their work tables someday, not ever thinking of work anymore. Being part of the work force is a taxing endeavor. But this stage has to be gone through in order to prepare for retirement. There are a lot of payments as people go through the process of earning a living—education, food, mortgage, taxes, car payment, leisure, insurance, and savings. Part of the savings that people work hard for is the retirement fund. The moment people work, they set aside money for their retirement. This is the ideal scenario. If the individual isn’t able to do this, then his or her family might be the one to take care of his or her retirement. This would probably mean entering the retiree in a retirement home.

Retirement homes have complete facilities to take good care of the senior individuals in the population. This is the one place they go to when they need constant care that their families won’t be able to provide anymore because of their busy work and lifestyle. Retirement homes are the best places to stay especially when medical care is of top priority. There are well-trained caregivers that would constantly give assistance to the retirees. The retirement home managements come up with programs and features that seniors could use and benefit from so that they could have active and fulfilling lifestyles even if they are far from their families.

Retirement homes are also equipped with fully-functional kitchens that provide special meals to the retirees. With the help of dietitians and nutritionists, meals are prepared according to the specific needs of each retiree. This is because of the present medical conditions that they suffer from. There are those who suffer from cardio-vascular problems, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and cancer, to name only a few. Each condition needs constant attention and monitoring so that the retirees could have an improved quality of life.

Retirement home grease reduction is a practice that is strictly implemented these days mainly because of the grease ordinance. The US government has required retirement homes to abide by the ordinance so that they could be erased from the list of institutions that greatly contribute to the FOG (fats, oils, grease) problem. FOG overflow comes from retirement homes because of poor maintenance. This has to be stopped if the environment and the population’s health are to be protected.

According to the grease ordinance, retirement home owners should install grease traps in their premises. The traps should have permits and should be regularly inspected by the Department of City Sewer. Maintenance should be religiously kept so that the FOG level can be kept at a low minimum. The right additive should also be used in retirement home grease trap reduction. Chemicals and enzymes do not work that effectively. They just emulsify the FOG and mix it easily with the untreated effluent. The emulsified FOG hardens inside the pipe walls and sticks to them like cement. The FOG eventually blocks the wastewater, making the untreated wastewater back up into the retirement home and the surrounding environment.

Bacteria-based additives are the best and safest to use in retirement home grease reduction. They are very primitive organisms that break down the FOG and solid wastes in the grease trap, leaving it odor-free. They are completely natural and do not have chemical discharges that pollute the environment. It is a wise move to invest in bacteria to aid in retirement home grease reduction. With these helpful microorganisms, retirement will be much more pleasant to think about and experience.