Raised mound restoration products

This article will cover raised mound restoration products. Everything around you has a tendency to give out. Even the human body could just get sick and fail. Despite of system failure, there are means to bring things back to the way they used to be. For living organisms, medical attention can be given by various professionals who have specialized in areas such as veterinary medicine for animals and general medical practice for humans. There are even medical professionals for plants. In the world of non-living things, professionals in every area are also available. There are engineers, architects, mechanics, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and of course, septic experts. System failures of any kind have restoration teams on standby, ready to pull everything back together.

In the case of a homeowner, there are many areas in the home that need to be well-maintained. There’s your electrical connections, gas pipes, water pipes, foundations, appliances, and the septic. If the household has a raised mound for a septic system, it would take the efforts of both the homeowner and the septic expert to keep everything going well. The raised mound is a special type of septic that aids the percolation rate of the property’s soil type. The percolation rate could either be too fast or too slow. This is one of the main reasons why the raised mound is raised above the ground. It needs to supply the distance and the various levels of filtration to allow the efficient treatment of the wastewater.

Just like a regular septic system, the raised mound need proper maintenance and care. But there are times when the system doesn’t get the proper treatment that it deserves. Here are some of the causes of a raised mound failure:

  • Irregular pump outs because of financial or time constraints. Schedules for pump outs are arranged with the septic expert. This depends on the number of people that make up the entire household. If there’s a regular pump out schedule that’s religiously observed, then the solid waste materials will not accumulate at all. It will give the tank enough space for wastewater treatment. It will also prevent the solid waste materials from clogging the soil absorption area.
  • Treating the drains and toilets like trash bins. Non-biodegradable materials and grease are just dumped into the system through toilets, sinks, and drains. The resident bacteria won’t be able to break down these substances so they will just float in the tank until they fill and clog everything up.
  • Pouring of harsh cleaners into drains. The household cleaners contain acids and bases that corrode the raised mound’s components and kill the resident bacteria as well. When the system is corroded, leaks, backups, and overflows happen. If bacteria are killed, then there will be no wastewater treatment that will take place anymore.
  • Soil compaction brought on by heavy vehicles and construction projects placed over the raised mound area. The weight crushes the physical elements of the raised mound, giving way to leaks, overflows, and backups.
  • Higher plants like trees and hardwood plants have complex root systems that invade the raised mound. They damage the components of the system and block the normal passage of the wastewater.
  • Increase in water load brought in by heavy rains of excessive usage of the dishwasher and the washing machine. When a large amount of water enters the raised mound, the solid waste materials get stirred up and go through the soil absorption area. The soil absorption area gets clogged and eventually fails.

Raised mound restoration products are available in every store you could find. The dilemma is choosing what product would do your system the most good. There are chemicals and enzymes that kill bacteria and harm the physical components of the raised mound.

There are additives that only contain bacteria that clean the raised mound without leaving any harmful smells. They don’t pollute the surrounding systems at all. Regular treatment with organic raised mound restoration products will surely prevent the system from failing again.