Government housing grease trap control

This article will cover government housing grease trap control. Population increase has always accompanies technological milestones. As life becomes more advanced, more people are brought into this world and raised to participate in the grand developments. In order to support the population overload, the federal government has come up with subsidized government housing projects that will suit a family’s low income. The government initiated such projects because they believe that everyone has the right to a decent home and a safe environment.

Many formats of government housing have been erected through the decades. The most affordable and most popular ones are those that come in apartment building forms. These are known as multiple dwelling or multiple family units because there are many families that live in one building. Every family is provided with a single residential unit equipped with a bathroom, a kitchen and an ample living or sleeping area. These spaces are rented but at a much lower rate because they are subsidized by the government. A government agency is assigned to manage the entire building.

Like food establishments in every state, multiple dwelling facilities like government housing units are mandates to have a grease trap installed beside the structure, underground. This is because the kitchen is that on part of each unit that’s frequently used almost non-stop every day. Meals are constantly prepared and FOG (fats, oils, grease) are regularly dumped in the kitchen sink, much like what people do to a trash bin. This is a fact. That’s why government housing projects are among those that pose as great threats to health and environment because of the frequent FOG and sewage overflow.

There is already aloud cry for government housing grease trap control. It is something that has to involve the government agency, the haulers, and the residents. The government agency assigned to manage the apartment building should always monitor the level of FOG in the grease tap. Doing so will help them establish a regular schedule of pumping separate from the mandatory 4 times of pumping out within a year. The choice of waste haulers should also be given much consideration. These professionals should be licensed and should know the standard procedures when it comes to pumping out the grease trap and disposing of the collected solid wastes and FOG. If the hauler offers a cheaper price for their services, it is most likely that they are illegally dumping the FOG and the government agency might end up in deeper trouble when that happens. The lawsuits and fines are financially exhausting enough. Additional problems with the law would not do anyone any better.

Government housing grease trap control is very possible. It just needs vigilance and cooperation from everyone in the government housing facility. The managing government agency should constantly remind everyone that they need to minimize or even completely cut off the amount of solid wastes and FOG that they dump into their kitchen sink. They should be told to install food filters or meshes in their kitchen sink drains to catch every particle of food and grease when they wash their kitchen equipment, utensils, and dishes. They should also have a regular trash can for their food scraps. The FOG from their food preparations should be placed in a sealed container and thrown in the trash bin as well. This will definitely help in the government housing grease trap control campaign.

Bioremediation and bio-augmentation also help in making government housing grease trap control much more efficient. In bioremediation, non-pathogenic bacteria are used to consume the accumulated food particles and FOG in the grease trap and then convert them into something more useful. Bio-augmentation is the process of using a selected strain of bacteria to consume the FOG and solid waste products. Both methods do not leave chemical contaminants that harm the environment or the health of those residing in the area. This method is the biggest step that could ever be done in gaining government housing grease trap control.