Brown grass over septic tank

This article will cover brown grass over septic tank. If you’ve just seen brown grass over your septic tank, don’t panic. It’s not the end of the world just like what your neighbors have been telling you as part of their initial reaction. Your septic expert will clarify with you that having brown grass over the septic tank is a completely favorable thing. Lawns are supposed to be well-taken care of to look perfect. But the looks of a lawn doesn’t exactly indicate the perfection of the property. Green is good but dark green and soggy is bad. This means that the septic tank is saturated and full. The untreated effluent is already overflowing onto the yard and backing up into the house. The overwhelming stench of the wastewater is taking over. This is when you should call frantically for your septic expert to help you correct the problem.

The septic tank is the wastewater treatment system specially designed and built for your household. It is supposed to accommodate the number of people that reside in your home. It’s a conventional yet modern type of wastewater treatment that is installed underneath your property. The wastewater is supposed to be confined in there. It’s not supposed to surface and contaminate the lot and the surrounding environment. This is what happens when the septic system experiences trouble. It creates a small pool of effluent above the septic tank. The grass then turns dark green and soggy. The top soil placed over the septic tank should be thin and dry so that the aerobic bacteria could do their job. They are supposed to regulate the biomat that filters off the pathogens from the pre-treated effluent. If the biomat isn’t regulated, it will increase in number and clog the entire leach field. The aerobic bacteria also break down any minute particles of waste that’s left before the treated wastewater is released into the surrounding environment.

The brown grass over the septic tank should not make you feel bad just because a patch of grass looks deprived of water. In fact, you should make sure that it stays brown because this brown grass over the septic tank will  benefit you and your household. If your grass stays brown over the septic tank,  you won’t have to buy a new septic system or replace major parts of your old one. You just have to keep on doing what your do. And here are some of them:

  • Not using the washing machine and the dishwasher at the same time. This results to less water load for the septic tank. If the water load is low, the resident bacteria will be able to degrade the solid waste materials much faster and much more efficiently.
  • Having a dry well installed to take care of the grey water that comes from the washing machine and the dishwasher. This helps in lessening the water load that the septic system has.
  • Making sure that the rain gutter drains away from the septic tank. This also lessens the water and sediments that enters the system during heavy rains.
  • Properly disposing of non-biodegradable materials and grease by recycling or placing them in sealable containers. If they don’t enter the septic through toilets and drains, then they won’t have to fill up the tank and clog the entire system.
  • Keeping the pump out schedules set with your septic expert. This makes sure that the accumulated solid waste in the tank is removed so that ample space in the tank can be devoted to wastewater treatment.

You always had your septic expert apply bacteria based additives into your septic tank. These are very primitive and voracious eaters that digest the solid wastes and even leave the septic tank odorless. Regular application of bacteria in the septic tank lessens the pump outs that it needs so this treatment has saved you a lot of money for that. You really do a good job in keeping the brown grass over the septic tank.